Top E-Juice Brands

Top E-Juice Brands

Now that we’ve covered the top cigar brands let’s get into something a bit more different. E-cigarettes are a growing trend nowadays and we scoured the market looking for the best “e-liquid” brands. For those of our readers who do not know what e-liquid is, it’s the substance that is in e-cigarettes that make the vapor you inhale when heated.

There’s a lot of different flavors of e-liquids, and now more than ever there are thousands of new brands propping up. We did all the leg work for you, finding the best brands for you based on customer reviews, market penetration and our own opinion.

Top e-juice brands on the market

  • Naked e-juice: This brand of e-juice is something you’ll find in every vape shop and on every vape store online. Just how they got this massive distribution is unknown, but one thing is for sure, customers really like this e-juice brand. They seem to be taking some brand equity and association from real Naked brand fruit juices, which is helping catapulte their success. You should definitely try one of these, especially the All Melon version.
  • Mad Hatter Salts: I stumbled upon this e-liquid after browsing online for a bit and hearing some buzz. This brand uses nicotine salts, which give you a stronger and better nicotine hit. As a cigar smoker, I really like their sweet tobacco salts flavor.
  • Twisted Sour e-juice: I really love this brand mainly because I’m a sour lover and really like that tartness. As a kid I grew up eating sour straws, and I’m still the kid I used to be when it comes to my taste. My favorite from this brand is Blue Razz, my favorite candy flavor.
  • Banana Butt E-Liquids: Let’s be honest – what attracted me to this e-liquid was the name. Hilarious! I tried their “Left Cheek” flavor, mainly because I appreciated the humor and I also love banana flavors. Most people don’t like’em but I really do. After trying this I was pleasantly surprised at a subtly sweet banana flavor. A must try for banana lovers.
  • Candy King E-Liquids: I was reading on the latest vaping regulations, and I found out that this brand of e-liquids was hit pretty hard with them. This is because their packaging displays lots of candies that look attractive to young children, which is not allowed. Even now on most sites the product images are removed from the site, but they seem to still be on sale. Customers review these candy flavors high, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be around for a lot longer given there current branding.
  • Halo e-juice: The unique packaging and brand name may be a huge reason why this brand is receiving so much success. There smooth tobacco flavor is hard to miss and even harder to hate. Mattafact, I love this stuff as a cigar smoker. It’s nice, smooth and hits that craving that I’m looking for.
    There you have it! These are Luna Boutiques top e-juice brands for you to try (in between your cigar smoking of course)! For cigar smokers, I especially recommend the smooth tobacco flavors.

Are there any e-juice brands here that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try’em out and review’em too. But for now, back to this Cubano!